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Easy Labels

Deltenre & Co

Film    Product

Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Lapino Albino


Music : Larsen


Editing & post-production: Lapino Albino

The mission.

When Deltenre & Co contacted us to showcase their flagship product, they wanted it to be presented in a completely different way compared to its competitors. To them, this product was worth more than what could be found on the internet.


This flagship product in question is a label for a butcher or baker’s display. At first glance, nothing extraordinary. But as we listened to the client speak about their product, we realized the passion that drove them to produce these labels every day.


A tour of the production line was offered to us, allowing us to understand the precision and attention to detail that goes into creating this everyday object. It was our task to find a unique story and showcase this product in a way that would set it apart from the rest.

The creative proposal

This project was one of the first in which we tried to take a broader perspective on our clients’ products and services. It’s a method that we’ve been trying to apply to every request we receive.


In this case, the process of creating a label was particularly interesting to us. A handful of small silicone beads moving from machine to machine and hand to hand to become a label. And what if we had the opportunity to experience the life of a label for a day? That’s the story we wanted to tell.

easy label video flagship product
easy label video flagship product

We came up with this approach during a brainstorming session, discussing a generic film opening from « Lord of War. » Why not recreate that opening as a « butcher shop label » version? 


We follow the label’s creation, from silicone bead to its placement on a butcher’s display in a big-box store. 


This story took us all the way to Cannes, where we won a Gold Award at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival in the « Corporate Image » category.



Camera:  Canon 5D MKII


Lens: Sigma 50 mm macro / Canon 28/70 mm


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: adobe After Effects


3D editing: Blender

En bref

Lenght:  2’00


Time to produce: 2 weeks


People involved: 3 in house 


Recognition: Gold Award at Cannes Corporate Film Festival for « Best Corporate Image Film »



Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website and social network

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