The Pig Project.

Let’s continue introducing some characters from our Pig Project.


Mr Onion, not the happiest of the group and a bit withdrawn from the rest due to his ability to make people cry when they get too close.


P’s, who often stick together with their brothers and sisters, and Senior Pepper, the head chef of the establishment, a true lover of spicy cuisine.


The development of the characters is nearly complete, and the team is now working on the first camera blocking for the animation.

Mr Onion, P's & Senior Pepper.


The Pig Project.

Last week, we unveiled the storyboard of the first scene of the Pig Project. This week, let me introduce you to two characters of this story.


On one hand, we have Mister Pig 🐽 : a fearless biker pig who spends most of his time on his motorcycle. His motorcycle is his baby, an extension of his body. When he hops on it, he feels free and powerful.


On the other hand, we have Bro 🥦 : a sleek and dynamic broccoli who has a knack for business. To him, nothing is more beautiful than his establishment filled with happy customers eager to spend their hard-earned money. Business is his passion, his reason for living.


And as you can see in the images, production is going great!


Mr Pig.


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