13 years ago, Lapino Albino was born, based on an ambitious idea: to start a creative video production studio with the goal of offering high-quality audiovisual projects in the B2B sector. Corporate video productions were at that time quite unambitious and we wanted to change that. Some declared us crazy but to be honest, deep down, we had even a bigger childhood dream: to produce creative audiovisual stories for all.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to properly prepare for our adventure. Our employer at the time saw the Lapino Albino project as a threat and pushed us off a cliff. Over time, I realise that this was probably the best thing that could have happened to us. After all, you don’t learn to swim from reading books, you have to jump into the water.

Quickly, and somewhat out of survival instinct, we explored the world of animation. First, to provide solutions to our clients, but also to satisfy our own creative thirst. Over the years, 2D and then 3D animation had become increasingly important at Lapino Albino.


The Roots : this is the very first animation we ever created. It was a testing software designed to establish our core values.

Poolcover : Our very first full 3D animation made for a poolcover Tv ad. (verandair.com)

The reason is simple: animation allows us to create universes and scenes without limitations. No set, no actors, no reality to take into account. It is also more affordable in terms of cost compared to filmed video. In animation, the only limit is your imagination. And all that, resonates with us!

Since then, we have had the opportunity to progress alongside the technology that surrounds us. A European project, EDUC8, allowed us to create a 2D series of 26 episodes, each lasting 6 minutes. And then, there were requests from our clients for 3D projects that opened our eyes. (Thrive, Vitamins at work,… just to name a few)

Educ8 : Our very first 2D animated serie made for Horizon 2020 European commission

Thrive: a 5-episode 2D/3D series created for ZF Wind Power to showcase their services. We had a great time working on this project.

Vitamins at work :  Full 3D animation for an HR company

The last several months we have been investing even more in R&D in this exciting field. With this we broaden our services with Lapino Albino and continue to create captivating stories for the B2B sector.

But, alongside Lapino Albino’s B2B productions, it is time for us to pursue our childhood dream. That is why we now dare to speak out our ambition to create an animation studio in the heart of Wallonia. Not to offer services to companies this time, but to captivate the imagination of the general public. Audiovisual stories for everyone, for you, for our children, and for us. We are strongly convinced that this project is also very promising, even though the dream seems crazy.


This is a special announcement that we want to share with everyone who wants to follow us on this journey: the birth of LAPINO Animation Studios. The studio aims to produce 3D animated series, short films, and feature films.


From now on, we will share with you weekly updates on the studio’s development as well as its projects. We want to share our stories, the creation of our characters, our storyboards, but also our successes and failures in the entrepreneurial adventure that this project represents. Get involved! We are convinced that you can also help us to get there and following us is just the first step ;-).

Our first project with LAPINO Animation Studio, is already underway. Our objective with this short film is to demonstrate our capabilities and expertise in 3D animation. The story features a biker pig and a group of hippie vegetables who were not really meant to meet. We will tell you more in the coming days, weeks, months…


Some may think we’re crazy, but as Steve Jobs, the father of PIXAR, said: « The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Lambda-x :  Full 3D animation made for lambda-x high-tech innovation

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