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The Story of Intel E.U.


Film    Corporate

Presenting Intel in Europe with Tess Bryant.


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Intel & Lapino Albino


Sound Mixing: Bubbles Sound


Sound Recording: Phillips Sound

The mission.

Everybody knows Intel but less is know about the activities of Intel in Europe. Intel has been a pioneer in innovative technologies and especially as a microchip manufacturer. But there is a shift in their goals and ambitions as company.


To show the transition from a purely Tech manufacturing company to a data driven company to the European partners, clients and lawmakers, they wanted to create a video which shows their initiatives in Europe.


Not only the production plants were to be covered but also the different activities they participates in. Numerous Tech-start-ups or educational programs are supported by Intel.


Enough aspects to make this story  a very compelling one indeed.

The creative proposal

This video was a challenge as most people already know quite a lot about Intel obviously but the activities in Europe are not to be underestimated.


The focus of the video would be more on their innovation in the data driven sectors then on their original activity of production of microchips.

We proposed to work with an actress who would be the narrator of the story of in Intel in Europe and she would takes us from place to place and from activity to activity.

chip, intel video portfolio
frog intel video portfolio

Lapino Albino used every technique at our disposal for this video: be it filmed footage, 2D or 3D animation, extensive sound design and top notch story telling. 


It was a big challenge to write down the text and structure as there are numerous things to talk about and for a company as Intel the equilibrium between creative storytelling and corporate information was a difficult exercise. 


The result benefitted from this elaborate preproduction and the production became a very balanced film which tells the story from A-Z  with visual effects that even surpassed our own expectations.




Camera:  Sony FS7


Lens: Sigma 50mm macro / Canon 28/70mm


Sound Recording: Phillips Sound


Voice Recording: Thomas Resimont (Bubbles Sound)


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: Adobe After Effects


3D editing: Blender


En bref

Lenght:  3’46


Time to produce: 2 months


People involved: 4 in house


By-product: 1 minute edit, square format for social media & 4 languages translation


Budget: 30k



Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website and social network

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