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Touch Point


Animation    Marketing

Presenting IP Touchpoint


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


2D animation:  Lapino Albino


Sound Mixing: Bubbles Sound

The mission.

IP is a media concern with radio and television stations, magazines and other media channels. As this sector has gone through many changes since media is being consumed more and more online and less and less in the more standard diffusion methods, IP needed to change the way advertising time was offered to their potential clients.


IP Touchpoint shows that even the more classic media channels work well in complementarity with the newer (online) media. IP can reach audiences anywhere at any time and they wanted to show that to their potential advertisers. For prospecting reasons they wanted to produce a animated video to show just this.

The creative proposal

A creative text was used as the base of this video. We created a new style of visuals just for this campaign, working with abstract humans, stylized decors and some abstract icons to make the content of the video as understandable as can be.


Making an advertising video to promote advertising is of course a challenge and the video needed to be engaging, convincing and dynamic. Using 2D animation in a very unique style makes this animation stand out of the lot and for Lapino Albino it was the start of a long collaboration.

media ip belgium animation video portfolio
media animation video portfolio

We entered the final production in the Corporate TV & multimedia awards in Cannes and to our surprise we won an award with this video.


The festival isn’t known to easily give awards to animated projects but the final result of this production was found of a high enough quality to reward it with a Silver Dolphin.


For us this was the start of our more elaborate 2D animation video productions, confirming our capabilities and creativity.



Camera:  Sony FS7


Lens: Sigma 50mm macro


Sound Recording: Phillips Sound


Voice Recording: Steph Peters


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: adobe After Effects


3D editing: Blender

En bref

Lenght:  3’00


Time to produce: 3 weeks


People involved: 4 in house 


By-product: 1 minute edit, square format for social media & 4 languages translation



Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website and social network

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