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A Great Company!


Film    Corporate

Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Lapino Albino


Sound Recording: Phillips Sound

The mission.

IpTrade is one of those small companies that work wonders. They operate in a sector that most people find abstract: they manufacture communication terminals for traders. From Liège to Wall Street, there’s only one step.


The IpTrade team wanted to create a promotional video for their company. After explaining to us what they do, how and why they are more performant, they made it clear that they did not want a traditional corporate film.


« We’re not here to bore ourselves! » The message was clear and addressed to the right people. Our meeting lasted several hours, with several bursts of laughter and ideas that went in all directions. A client as we often dream of.

The creative proposal

Now that we had had a good laugh, it was time to be serious about the script proposal. After turning this project in every direction, we decided to start from their nightmare: a boring corporate film like we used to see in the 90s.


Ip Trade is a great company! That was the starting slogan for our idea: to begin this promotional video as an annoying corporate with all the low-grade audiovisual clichés: opening on the building, tilt-shift from the clouds, exaggerated speeches from employees, etc. The voiceover narrating the story of this incredible company.

precisely iptrade video corporate
man, talkie iptrade video corporate

Suddenly, the narration stops the video and questions this curious company. The second film can then begin. We journey through the company’s history with its employees who transport us in time but also in the daily life of a happy group of friends. 


This film is filled with references such as Matrix for the software part. We also find references to Apple and the creation of the Apple II hand-soldered, which was the case of the first terminal produced by IpTrade. We also see a prototype resembling a Ferrari which actually exists.


This video won a Silver Award at the Cannes Corporate Film Festival in 2017. »



Camera:  Sony FS7


Lens: Canon 28/70mm


Voice Recording: Steph Peters


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: adobe After Effects

En bref

Lenght:  4’14 »


Time to produce: a month


People involved: 4 in house 


 Recognition : Silver Award at Cannes Corporate Film Festival



Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website 

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