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Nos valeurs

Film    Corporate


Presenting Jolimont group values by:

Thomas, Elena, Guillaume, Christelle & Sheldon


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Lapino Albino


Sound Mixing: Lapino Albino


Sound Recording: Lapino Albino

The mission.

The Jolimont Group asked us to put on a spotlight their hospital with it’s core values wich is : Excellence, commitment, agility, mutual aid and respect. These values should have shown the commitment of the hospital to provide the best healthcare. 


They didn’t want to talk about technicality, equipment or accessibility here. They wanted to show passion, human capability and sensibility behind the mask wich are required to procure the best. 


Finaly they wanted to share the result with their employees and their followers online.

The creative proposal

Working on core values is not an easy thing because you have to understand a company without being part of it.  We started with the idea that core values in an hospital can’t works with professional actors without transforming the reality lived by the employes and patients. 


We quikly decided to center our proposal around people actualy working in the hospital. The next step was to analyse the values themselves and how we can connect them to the workers

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We all agreed that they were a correlation between these values and sports or human behavior. Our little creative team proposed to put in place a casting with the hospital employes. Do you recognize yourself in one of these core values? Do you have an activity after work? That was the 2 conditions required.


The result is a series of videos with workers talking about their passions, their job. It’s honest, human and true and only made with volunteers employees who believe in their hospital core values. 



Camera:  Sony FS7


Lens: Sigma 50mm macro / Canon 28/70mm


Sound Recording: In house


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: Adobe After Effects


En bref

Lenght Short edit:  1’30

Lenght Long Edit: 2’45


Time to produce: 1 month


People involved: 4 in house 


By-product: Teaser


Acting: 5 employees from Jolimont Group


Offline:  in house, Hr recrutement


Online: website 

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