Onboarding video


3D animation    Corporate

Vitamins @ work


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino & Vitamins @ Work


Sound Mixing: Lapino Albino



The mission.

Vitamins @ work is a platform to measure employee well being through state of the art technology based on academic research. 
It is a Belgian tech start-up with ambition to improve workspaces everywhere. Contributing to human well being by helping employers recognise challenges their employees face.
The system is based on questionnaires and the higher the participation rate, the more accurate the insights become.

They are also just starting up so there weren’t any brand guidelines or even a website at the start of this project. The video had a specific goal: to convince employees to participate once the Vitamins @ Work platform is installed in a company. But as it is the first video for Vitamins @ Work themselves, it also needed to explain what it did so employers would sign into their work method. 

The creative proposal

We proposed to approach the daily struggles of employees with a touch of humour. Talking about frustrations or difficult situations can become quite tedious quickly if the right tone isn’t found.

Inspired by an old viral campaign for safety around railways – ‘Dumb ways to die’ we proposed to work with several simplified characters (in 3D) to personalise some recognisable issues. With exaggeration and this cartoony style we could ensure the right tone would be found and we could avoid falling into the pitfall of boring informative human resource communication.


Suzy_Happy met Zonneke
John_Strategizing at table

The resulting characters made the people at Vitamins @ Work even more excited about the look and feel of the video and they decided to build their own branding around the characters. 

We exported a whole batch of visuals of the characters that are being used now in other communication tools like presentations, social media posts, brochures and even their quotes and on the platform itself!

And the ambition to use these characters goes even further with wild ideas like plush toy versions or 3D printed versions as awards or prizes for competitions.

We are of course very proud that our visualisations are carried out so far!




3D animation: Blender


Voice Recording: Mark Irons


Sound: Adobe Audition


In short

Lenght:  90″


Time to produce: 6 months lead time (1 month total work time)


People involved: 4 


By-product: separate visuals, different language versions, …


Budget: 20k



Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website and social network