Pig Projet Week 02


About LAPINO Animation Studios Week O2 The Pig Project. Last week, we unveiled the storyboard of the first scene of the Pig Project. This week, let me introduce you to two characters of this story.     On one hand, we have Mister Pig ? : a fearless biker pig who spends most of his […]

Pig Project week 01


About LAPINO Animation Studios Week O1 The Pig Project. The very first project of Lapino Animation Studios is already in production and has the temporary name of #PigProject. It is a short film fully supported by Lapino Albino so far. The story tells the adventures of a biker pig who hits the road and has […]

Lapino Animation Studios was born !


13 years ago, Lapino Albino was born, based on an ambitious idea: to start a creative video production studio with the goal of offering high-quality audiovisual projects in the B2B sector. Corporate video productions were at that time quite unambitious and we wanted to change that. Some declared us crazy but to be honest, deep […]