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The Big Picture


Film    Corporate

Presenting Aerospacelab


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Aerospacelab & Lapino Albino


Sound Mixing: Lapino Albino


3D images: Lapino Albino

The mission.

Aerospacelab is probably the largest start-up in Belgium. Its ambition reaches far beyond our terrestrial limits. As a satellite producing company they aim to produce 500 small satellites a year for the growing demand for personalized Space tools.


In 2022 they started the construction of their Mega Factory and for the celebration of the start of the construction they organized an event for all investors, employees and stakeholders.


The goal of this video is to show this audience where Aerospacelab is in their development and also their ambition towards the future.

The creative proposal

With several Research and Development laboratories already operational, there were already several things we could film in Belgium to show the state of the company in 2022. 


We proposed a creative approach to the voice-over which touches all aspects of Aerospacelab activities.


The main challenge was to find relevant illustrative images for this text, because a lot of what Aerospacelab does, happens in clean rooms, behind the virtual scenes in software or even in space itself with satellites being tested.

aerospacelab satellites 3D
aerospacelab satellites 3D

Their Mega Factory, where they will produce the large part of their satellites, wasn’t build yet either so we created a 3D visualization of the Architectural plans we received.


This 3D model of non existing building gave the audience a good idea of what it is going to look like. The 3D render was also used for other communication purposes after the event.


We used all audiovisual techniques to our disposal to create the best image of the company possible: Animation in 2D and 3D, drone shots, time lapses, … Innovative techniques to tell an innovative story.



Camera:  Sony FS7


Lens: Canon 28/70mm


Drone: Dji Mavic 3


Voice Recording: Mark Irons – Bubbles Sound (Thomas Rezimont)


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Post Production: Adobe After Effects


3D editing & rendering : Blender

En bref

Lenght:  3’11


Time to produce: 1 month


People involved: 4 in house 


By-product: 3D renders of the architectural plans


Budget: 15k


Offline:  in house & event


Online: website and social network

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