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Showreel 3D animation

This is a compilation of images of produced 3D animation projects over the years.


So, it gives an idea of our capabilities but it’s not limited by what you see in this video of course.


From highly technological subjects to entertaining and engaging characters and decors,
anything is possible as long as you can imagine it, we can visualise it.


Moreover, we produce everything with Blender, which is an open source software with the same possibilities as the bench mark software like 3D Studio Max, Maya or any other 3D animation programs.


The only difference is, is the budget needed for this software.

3D Animation Since 2012

We’ve been creating 3D animations in Belgium since 2012 and we have been following the latest trends in this subsector. Blender gives us the opportunity to propose animation projects within affordable budget ranges.


-Length of the video


-Level of detail needed for the style


-The workload of modelling the assets


-Extra’s like different languages, voice overs, …

ZF Wind Power : Redulus

ZF Wind Power produces mainly gearboxes for wind Turbines. For their newly innovared Redulus product range, ZF asked us to create a presentation video.


This project is a combination of filmed footage (by Lapino Albino), stock images and 3D animated visuals.


The video has been used on technology fairs and for presentation purposes.


The project had several language versions as well (Chinese / English / German).


Ca. 10 000 € – 15 000 €

Matexi: Leopoldgeboud

For a commercial ad that was going to be shown in cinema’s across Belgium, Matexi wanted a promotional video about their Leopoldgebouw project.


Although this project wasn’t finished yet, of course but the plans of the architects were. So, we used these technical drawings to create a visualisation of the finished building that we could implement in filmed images.


However, this was, of course,  a bit of a technical challenge for us. Composing real life filmed footage with 3D visuals is not always easy. (‘oh there is a cable in the image’ , or those trees in front of the building make it hard to implement’, …)


We are proud we passed all those hurdles and were able to produce this clip (in 2 languages, actors, voice over, …)


ca. 25 000€

Prefaco: Production process illustration in 3D

As mentioned is the level of detail something that can change the budget drastically.


For this project the detailing wasn’t that important so we’ve created a very basic 3D style in which everything was possible.


This project was a series of 9 video’s of about 1 minute each which also made it more interesting to use 3D animation.


A lot of elements were re-usable in the next videos which actually helped to produce these video’s in a very effective and budget friendly way.


ca 35 000 € ~ 4 000 € per video

Verandair: je suis

In real estate, 3D animation can show buildings that don’t exist yet, but it doesn’t need to be a complete building.


For Verandair, we used 3D animation to showcase the multiple possibilities their product has to offer. Moreover, the advantage of their product is that it can open up, which is always more interesting in video than in still photos.


As the saying goes, « an image says more than 1000 words. » But what about 25 images each second?


ca 10 000 €


Discover how we helped Verandair achieve their goals. Read our case study now!

Promati: Accelerating Progress

At around 1min50 in this video, you will see another 3D animation of technical designs that Promati also uses for their prototyping.


We created a 3D model of their solutions based on technical designs we received from their technical 3D program, which we imported and adjusted for animation.


ca 10 000€​

Lambda-x : integrated solution - Full 3D animation

As any animated video, 3D animation is great to visualise complex matter and make it understandable.


For LambdaX this is sometimes the only way of communicating.


This short video proofs that a 3D animation doesn’t really need to be more expensive than a regular 2D animated video but it also shows some of the more extended possibilities with perspective and camera movements.


In the end we let their machines dance!


Ca 8 000 €


Read more about the lambda-x project now! 


The Tech-Start-Up Aerospacelab was launching the construction of their ‘Mega factory’ and for this occasion they wanted to present to the audience at an event where they were at in their development.


This video shows their progress and their plans for the future.


We illustrated a lot the applications of the satellites with 3D and 2D animations but the future mega factory is of course in full 3D. We also created another video about just that building: click here for that video.


ca 15 000€


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ZF Wind Power: 3D Seasonal Greetings

This project for ZF Wind Power has pushed Lapino Albino’s technical capabilities especially in our 3D animation department. With the elements we already created for other projects we proposed to create a magical atmosphere at a fictive off shore wind turbine park.


With a festive almost ‘Disney like’ music, some small sound effects and the fantastical images, we created a festive atmosphere to put the New Year wishes in the spotlights.


For us, this project was an opportunity to show off our excellence in 3D modelling, compositing, and lighting. We also wanted to proof that the techniques used by Pixar, Dreamworks and all other big 3D production studios are now also available for corporate communication and no longer extremely heavy on budget. 


This project is a good example that 3D animation can now be imagined for any video and is now within anybody’s reach! 


ca. 5 000 €


Explore this project now!

Intel in Europe

Everybody knows Intel but less is know about the activities of Intel in Europe. Intel has been a pioneer in innovative technologies and especially as a microchip manufacturer. But there is a shift in their goals and ambitions as company.


To show the transition from a purely Tech manufacturing company to a data driven company to the European partners, clients and lawmakers, they wanted to create a video which shows their initiatives in Europe.


Not only the production plants were to be covered but also the different activities Intel participates in. Numerous Tech-start-ups or educational programs are supported by Intel.


Some images were already crrated for other projects for Intel but more or less 70% of the animations in this project are done by us, can you tell which ones?


ca. 20 000€


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ZF Wind Power: Thrive, a 3D animated series

ZF Wind Power is a world player in gearboxes for wind turbines. This rapidly evolving sector is crucial for a greener, more sustainable future. But of course like any other machine, wind turbines also need maintenance.


With ‘Thrive’ ZF Wind Power launches a top quality service for wind turbine maintenance to reduce downtime, increase production and create a more ecologic future.


There are 5 episodes in this series to explain this service and more might be created as the wind turbine sector also evolves rapidly.


ZF Wind power also created a very nice platform to watch the videos: A 360° cinematic theatre. There is also a lobby where our main characters welcome the visitors and where they can navigate towards more info on the services or to the cinema room where the videos are projected..


We invite you to take a look at https://zfthrive.com/

The characters were also used as illustrations on their stand at fairs and others.


ca. 70 000€ ~14 000€ per episode


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Lire la vidéo sur wind turbine