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Integrated Solution


3D Animation    Explainer

With the support of  Stephan Peters from Ariane consulting 


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


3D modeling & animation: Lapino Albino

The mission.

The mission assigned by Lambda-x is simple: we need a video to inform our contacts and clients that our new machine for controlling ophthalmic lenses is retrocompatible with all others. It can be integrated into an existing system, it is revolutionary and its internal software is common to our entire range. Therefore, it is not necessary to revolutionize the installation to take advantage of its revolutionary features. We need this film for an international exhibition that will take place in 10 days in Italy.

We love to take on this kind of challenge! Knowing the client and their products well, we immediately imagined using 3D and proposed an approach. 3D offers the possibility to rotate around a scene to show an environment from different angles.


However, 3D takes more time to manufacture, animate, and especially, the rendering time to deliver the final file is significantly longer than for any other technology.

The creative proposal

lambda-x 3d animation video portfolio ophthalmic lenses
lambda-x 3d animation video portfolio ophthalmic lenses

Without wasting any time, we modeled the different ophthalmic lenses control machines using photos from the client’s website. A basic character is present to show a human manipulating the machine. We also highlighted software compatibility by focusing on it.


Finally, the film ends with a modern Industry 4.0 production where everything is automated. The file was delivered in 8 days and broadcasted in full HD at ESCRS in Milan



Editing : Davinci Resolve


Post Production: adobe After Effects


3D modeling & rendering: Blender

En bref

Lenght:  52″


Time to produce: a week


People involved: 2 in house


Offline:  in house & fair


Online: website and social network

Lire la vidéo sur industry 3D