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Made Of Wood


Film    Branding

 Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Sound Design : Lapino Albino


Post-Production : Lapino Albino

The mission.

The Poncelet SA company is a family-owned business that manufactures the famous Poncelet wooden boat entirely by hand in its Brussels workshop. Following the acquisition of the company, the new owner wanted to continue the tradition of this family.


Each boat is unique and the result of manual labor by one person. It is a piece of wood that gradually takes shape after hundreds of hours of dedication and passion. Each owner is unique as well, which makes this brand prestigious.


You don’t buy a Poncelet, you treat yourself to one. A raw, noble, and unique product. The company’s image had to change with the announcement of the takeover. That’s our challenge: to give the Poncelet brand the status it deserves.

The creative proposal

The approach we proposed to the client was primarily based on woodworking. Specifically, we focused on the art of carving a block into a work of art. By doing so, we were able to meet the client’s request to stay true to the tradition and the spirit of the brand’s founding craftsman. In addition, we aimed to create a truly immersive experience for the viewer. We wanted them to be able to practically smell the wood when they watch the video.


We then proposed to work directly in the Brussels workshop. A small artisan workshop, filled with carpentry tools. This would bring us closer to the authentic side of the product but it would also pose another problem: the space was cramped and not necessarily suitable for a studio shoot.

wood macro video poncelet
wood macro video poncelet

We solved the problem of the cramped space and cluttered look of a workspace by eliminating the background. By using multiple lighting points, we created a black infinity while focusing the light on the actions.


This black background emphasizes the luxurious aspect of the product. The contrast with the color of the wood and the dust dancing in the reflection gives this branding film a unique touch. A sound design filled with reverb on a dissonant old piano reinforces the warmth of the images shot with the Red Dragon.



Camera:  Red Dragon


Lens: Zeis ciné serie


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


 Sounds Post-Production: Ableton Live

En bref

Lenght:  42″


Time to produce: 7 days


People involved: 4 in house 





Online: website and social network

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