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Sustainable Future


3D Animation    Wishes

New Year and Holiday Wishes video for ZF Wind Power


Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images: Lapino Albino


Sound Mixing: Lapino Albino


The mission.

For several years ZF Wind Power has been a client at Lapino Albino and asked us to do their video productions, mostly for their products. This time they wanted something else. A video to send out their festive wishes for the Holiday Season and the New Year to their clients, partners and employees.


Of course it needed to be something that is close to their work environment which would emphasize their mission as a company.


The projects for ZF Wind Power have pushed Lapino Albino technical capabilities especially in our 3D animation department. With the elements we already created for other projects we proposed to create a magical atmosphere at a fictive off shore wind turbine park.


With a festive almost ‘Disney like’ music, some small sound effects and the fantastical images, we created a festive Holiday Season atmosphere to put the New Year wishes in the spotlights.

The creative proposal

holiday season animation 3D portfolio
holiday season animation 3D portfolio

For us, this project was an opportunity to show off our excellence in 3D modelling, compositing, and lighting.


We also wanted to proof that the techniques used by Pixar, Dreamworks and all other big 3D production studios are now also available for corporate communication and no longer extremely heavy on budget. 


This project is a good example that 3D animation can now be imagined for any video and is now within anybody’s reach! 



3D Software: Blender

Sound Design : Adobe Audition


2D Post Production: Adobe After Effects 

En bref

Lenght:  30″


Time to produce: 122 hours


People involved: 2 in house


Budget: 8k


Online: send out by e-mail to clients, partners, employees, etc.

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