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About the white rabbit

We believe we can make a great video on any subject! All the Lapino’s are passionate audiovisual storytellers and experts in the creation of fascinating videos and easy to love animations and motion designs.

Selected projects

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Vitamins @ work is a platform to measure employee well being through state of the art technology based on academic research.

thrive zf wind
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ZF Wind Power is a world player in gearboxes for wind turbines. This rapidly evolving sector is crucial for a greener, more sustainable future. But of course like any other machine, wind turbines also need maintenance.

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Passion For Blue Stone

Pierre Bleue Belge is a world-renown company which extracts Limestone from the Belgian Quarry’s in the Soignies Region. Its products are found everywhere from interior design buildings to historical landmarks.


Our modern approach to video production allowed us to create fantastic videos for our clients. Some videos were even awarded at the international corporate media and TV festival in Cannes: the biggest film festival dedicated to corporate communication. We are very proud of this recognition and we continue to aim high with our productions.

  • Video Production
  • Cannes Corporate media & Tv Awards
  • x4
  • German Design Awards
  • x1
  • Animation

  • Cannes Corporate media & Tv Awards

  • x2

  • German Design Awards

  • x1

LAPINO Animation Studios

With animation, we have the ability to create boundless universes and captivating scenes. We excel in crafting both 2D series and working on 3D projects for our esteemed clients.


As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our services and made significant investments in research and development. Our ultimate goal is to captivate audiences of all kinds with our mesmerizing audiovisual stories.


Allow us to introduce Lapino Animation Studios! We’re thrilled to bring you 3D animated series, short films, and feature films. Be sure to stay tuned for weekly updates on our exciting developments and projects. We invite you to join us on this thrilling entrepreneurial adventure!