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Production & Script :  Lapino Albino


Images:  Lapino Albino


STEM Video Production: Inspiring Minds and Showcasing Innovations | Collaborate with Our Expert Team

Our video production company is proud to present its dedicated section to STEM. These exciting and constantly evolving fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics showcase projects that we are thrilled to highlight.


Through this section, we aim to encourage interest in STEM and inspire young minds to explore these fascinating areas.

Collaborating with experts and innovators, we produce films to captivate and educate audiences about the latest advances.


With our expertise in video production, we are confident in creating compelling and inspiring stories that will have a lasting impact on your audience.

Video production for Mathematics

Meet Lucia, our state-of-the-art supercomputer with X petaflops of computing power, accelerating groundbreaking research and innovation.


As one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world, Lucia is truly exceptional.


Excited to release our new promo film for Lucia, showcasing its incredible capabilities and cutting-edge technology.


 The film features stunning VFX, animations, and timelapse to bring Lucia’s power to life.


We hope this film inspires viewers to collaborate with us on innovative audiovisual projects.

Video production for Technology

This video presented a unique challenge since Intel is already a well-known brand. However, our goal was to highlight their activities in Europe and their innovations in data-driven sectors. To achieve this, we proposed having an actress as the narrator. She would take viewers on a journey from place to place and activity to activity, allowing us to showcase Intel’s work.


At Lapino Albino, we use various techniques, such as filmed footage, 2D/3D animation, sound design, and storytelling, to make high-quality videos.



We carefully balanced creative storytelling with corporate information, resulting in a visually engaging film that tells the Intel story from A to Z.


The video’s structure was challenging due to many topics, but our pre-production process helped us find balance, resulting in a production that exceeded our expectations.


Our video highlights Intel’s European activities and data-driven innovations using various techniques, resulting in an engaging and informative viewing experience. Contact Lapino Albino for your next corporate video project.

Animated video explainer for Science

The proton therapy community needs open-source software to facilitate large-scale clinical research quickly. Collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing are vital to accelerate the production of relevant applications.


Animations simplify complex ideas using visual metaphors and storytelling techniques. They make abstract concepts more tangible and offer dynamic representations of systems and processes, showing how different components interact in real-time.


Animations are increasingly important tools for scientists, educators, and communicators to convey complex information in an engaging and understandable way as digital media and online communication continue to rise.

Video production for Engineering

With several Research and Development laboratories already operational, there were several things available to film in Belgium and showcase the current state of the company in 2022.


We proposed a creative approach to the voice-over that covers all aspects of Aerospacelab activities.


However, the main challenge was finding relevant illustrative images for this text since much of Aerospacelab’s work occurs in clean rooms, behind virtual scenes in software, or in space where satellites are tested.

STEM and 3D Video

The use of 3D modeling in animation has revolutionized the way we represent complex or inaccessible systems.


Thanks to advanced 3D software, animators can now create stunning visualizations of microscopic organisms, complex machinery, or architectural structures.


By creating 3D models, animators accurately visualize intricate details and enable manipulation in 3D space for deeper understanding and simulation.


This makes 3D modeling a powerful tool for scientific research, education, and entertainment.

Animated cartoon video for Engineering

Using humor in animation can be a powerful tool to engage and educate audiences about complex systems or concepts.


Humor can make the material more relatable and accessible.


It can also make the learning experience more enjoyable, increasing the likelihood that viewers will retain the information and even share it with others.


By incorporating humor into educational animations, creators can improve the overall effectiveness of the content and help to ensure that it reaches a wider audience.

Product video predocution for Science

Presenting a product in a video and demonstrating its use with the software can significantly impact the viewer’s understanding and interest.


By showcasing the product in action with the software, the viewer can visualize the benefits and advantages of using the product, which can also help them understand how the product works and how it can integrate with their current systems or workflows.


This approach builds credibility and trust in the product and the company behind it.


Furthermore, combining product presentation with software demonstration in one video can effectively engage and inform potential customers, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Science and engineering

Creating a video about the ALPHENIX 4D CT by Canon is crucial to showcase its advanced capabilities and benefits to potential customers.


The video can demonstrate how the system operates and benefits patients and healthcare providers by visually demonstrating its features and ability to provide high-quality images in real-time.


Furthermore, a video can be easily shared on social media and other digital platforms to increase the visibility of the system and potentially reach a wider audience.

Motion design video for Mathematics

When explaining complex systems, a mix of real-life images and motion design can be highly effective, leveraging the visual impact of real-world footage and the flexibility of motion graphics.


This creates an engaging visual experience that captures the audience’s attention and allows for better customization of visuals to specific needs and goals.


Mixing real-life footage with motion design gives the freedom to craft a tailored visual narrative that effectively conveys the message, whether emphasizing certain features or providing a step-by-step breakdown of a process.



Camera:  Sony FS7


Editing : Davinci Resolve


Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


2D editing : adobe After Effects 


3D : Blender



Budget: 5 to 30k




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